Preventing a Rollback

Some fluoridated communities may be threatened with attempts to reverse water fluoridation (e.g. rollback). It can happen without warning. Sometimes it is a well-organized and vocal opposition (though small in number), and sometimes it is simply one or two people raising a loud and effective ruckus. While opponents to water fluoridation can be intimidating and successful in shaping the conversation – and sometimes even shutting it down – you can succeed in holding them back and preserving water fluoridation.

When there is an attempt to roll back water fluoridation, time is short and you need to build a sense of urgency.

It’s important to remember that the overwhelming majority of people is on your side and supportive of community water fluoridation.

Three Tips to Success

Find key allies in your community – fast!
Develop clear values-based messages about water fluoridation.
Meet with decision-makers.