Community Readiness


Community Readiness

  • Assessing the readiness of your community to address water fluoridation will guide you where to begin and what actions to take, regardless of whether you are working to implement or preserve fluoridation in your community. The following questionnaire will help determine readiness and help you move forward with community water fluoridation.

    How to Use the Questionnaire
    1. Answer the questions. Do some research as needed.
    2. Review your results.
    3. Go to the section that you are referred to the most. If you are referred equally to more than one section, choose the section in the order of the Toolkit Table of Contents — or the section that you feel you need the most.
    4. Keep the answers as they might be helpful in strategizing your work.

  • Community Fluoridation History

  • Community Background

  • Use the US Census or other reliable source.
  • Age:

    Note: parents of young children and the elderly can be good audiences for outreach.
  • Race / Ethnicity

  • Voter registration (Search online with keywords, "voter registration" and the name of your state):
  • Health Insurance Coverage

  • Community Knowledge and Climate

  • Decision-Makers and Community Leaders

    (Conduct an online search if you are not certain about who makes the decision.)
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